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Kidnapped Florida man drove erratically so police would pull him over, authorities say

A Florida dog breeder who was being forced to drive by three alleged kidnappers saved himself by deliberately violating the rules of the road — in front of some sheriff’s deputies.

“It worked,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Once stopped, the victim, who was afraid to say he was being kidnapped, had a look of despair when the deputy gave him a warning and started to send him on his way.”

The desperate dog breeder then used “a hand motion in hopes that the deputy would pick up on his fear,” the statement said.

A gun the kidnappers allegedly had in their possession when they were arrested recently.Martin County Sheriff’s Office

“The deputy did, and ordered the man to step away from the car and away from the three other men who were sitting inside the vehicle.”

Inside the vehicle, the deputy, Cameron White, found guns, knives and “a large amount of cash,” a department spokeswoman said.

The trio, identified as Tsdekiel Sellers, 22, of Atlanta, Benyahveen Radcliffe, 25, of Buffalo, and Kashaveeyah Bragdon, 22, of Tallahassee, have been charged with multiple counts including kidnapping, carjacking, armed burglary and home invasion.

The sheriff’s office did not identify the victim, who lives in Port St. Lucie, which is about 40 miles north of West Palm Beach, Florida. But the department said in the statement he landed on the suspects’ radar after he “boasted about his dog-breeding business online.”

“The trio posed as interested dog buyers,” according to the sheriff’s department statement, which was posted Friday on its Facebook page. “When they arrived at the victim’s home, they robbed and assaulted the victim and demanded he hand over the large amounts of cash he boasted about.”

The alleged home invasion took place early last week. Over a two day period, the suspects moved the dog breeder to several other locations before they “forced the victim to drive to a location which required them to travel through Martin County,” the sheriff’s office said in the release.

“Fortunately, it was at the same time our Traveling Criminal response team was on patrol monitoring the highways,” the statement said.

That was at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, and White was parked with his partner on Interstate 95 South.

“We observed a car that was traveling above the speed limit and had really dark window tint,” White told local media.

White said they pulled the vehicle over after the driver swerved across multiple lanes.

The alleged kidnappers were arrested with the help of the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

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