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Rajasthan community sets bizarre wedding rule for boys

A picture of a groom. Photo— India.com

A community in the Indian state of Rajasthan has set a bizarre rule for weddings, according to which only clean-shaven boys will be allowed to get married, The India Times reported.

A community by the name of ‘Kumawat’ has passed a resolution along with the 19 other villages of District Pali in Rajasthan which says that no boy with a beard will be allowed to get married.

“Fashion is okay but a beard in the name of fashion for the groom is not allowed as the wedding is a sacrament and the groom is seen as a king in this, so he should be clean-shaven,” the resolution said.

The community has further taken important steps to curtail wedding expenses, saying that the occasion should not look like a luxurious event and a waste of money.

“Weddings have become lavish these days and have become a matter of concern for the middle-class and lower-middle-class families of the community, so we have decided to make them simple and according to our rituals,” said the resolution.

The resolution further said that if anyone is found spending an extra amount of money on clothes and decoration for ceremonies, the community will impose a fine on them.

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